Hello readers, as I have wrote many posts regarding facebook, today, I'm writing one more post. Daily, we can see a lot of facebook accounts getting hacked. People were confused about what to do when their accounts get hacked. Now-a-days, even elders are using facebook a lot. But they might not have some technical knowledge about these hack stuff. So I've decided to write a simple procedure about How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account which might help all people.

Just follow these simple recovery steps which I wrote below, 

Steps for recovering a hacked facebook account:

First-of-all, you have to visit "My Account Is Compromised" page on facebook. So click here to visit that page. 

Now click, "My Account Is Compromised" button and you'll will be redirected to 'Find Your Account' page. Now you have to identify your fb account either by entering your Email id or Username or Phone no or your profile's Full name.

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account -Find Your Account

[Tip: If the hacker has changed your email id, phone no in your account in-order to prevent you from recovery, then try to login by entering username. 'Coz the hacker can change email id, mobile no but he cannot change your username. So I hope that you understood my logic!!]

As of now, unless you successfully identify your account, you cannot recover your hacked account. So try to identify your account with all your trials.

So once you've identified your account, it will ask you to 'Enter a Current or Old Password'. Ofcourse, if you know the current password, you won't be here on this page, lol. :D 
So enter your old password which you kept for that account.

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account.-old password

Now when you enter your old password, it will ask you to 'Reset Your Password'. So click it.

So, now you should be on 
'Reset Your Password' page. Well, here there are 2 cases,

a) If you can see your email id or cell no and if you have access to them, then use any of those options to reset the password. So follow the next steps on the screen and you'll successfully gain your account. That's it. Now you can leave this post. If you have any doubts, you can ask it in the below comment box. 

b) If the hacker also hacked your email account or may be he removed the existing email id or cell no in your fb account, then click the option 'No longer have access to these?'.

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account - reset your password

So when you click 'No longer have access to these?', you'll be redirected to 'How can we reach you?' page. Now enter your new email id or phone no so that fb will send you further details about your account recovery process. 

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account -new email or cell-phone- no

So now when you enter your new email id or cell no, then you'll be taken to 'Answer Your Security Question' page. Now here comes the major part. You must answer your security question in order to gain the access to your account. If you fail to answer it, then I'm sorry, we can't do anything to get back your account.

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account - security questn

When you have successfully answered your security question, then you'll be asked to choose a new password. So create a new strong password.

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account - new password

So after you choose a new password, you'll get a message to your new email inbox of which you have submitted in Step5b. So in that message, there will be a link which will be given by facebook to confirm your identity. So click it!! 

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account - email-confirmation
So when you clicked that link, you have successfully recovered your account. Now all you need to do is, - to come back after 24hrs. After 24 hrs, just login into your fb with new email id, new password!!

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account - email-confirmation-24 hrs

So that's it guys. This is the whole process to recover a hacked facebook account. 

Simple tip to be shared with your friends

What to do immediately when your facebook account was hacked?
Answer:  Guys, the easiest way is to go to your E-mail inbox and click a link about which facebook sent you when someone logged in or changed your password. It works in all situations even if hacker has changed the mail address and anything else. And always remember to keep your E-Mail Inbox secure at high priority than anything else. Never use the same password for your fb account and e-mail account. 

So I hope you'll find this tutorial as helpful for you to regain your hacked account. Also please share this post with others and help us to grow by spreading our content with your friends. If you have any problems regarding this recovery process, then you can ask it in below comments. 
Hello readers, tricks99 is back again with this new post. I've seen a lot of people asking about How to verify a facebook page. So I've decided to share some information regarding what I know about this facebook page verification topic. And I don't like to give introduction about What is Verified Profile or Page? 'Coz every one knows it. So I just like to directly come into the topic about how to verify your facebook page.

 Before we talk about facebook page/profile verification, let's see about who can do this verification process. Just like some other blogs, I don't directly say that 'do this process to get your page verified'. Because, some readers may read that info and follow that steps and later gets disappointed with bad results. So I just love to be frank with my blog readers. So that's why I want to share only genuine information. So let's dig into the topic,

how to verify facebook page

Who are eligible for facebook page/profile verification?

1)Celebrities and public figures - sports, media, politics and entertainment.

2)Global brands and businesses.

3)Government Officials.

So if you belong to any of those above categories, you can get your facebook page verified. To be frank, a normal person or a common man cannot get a verified page. Also, local businesses aren't eligible for verification. I've seen a lot of people who applied for verification and mostly all got failed. So try to understand that it's not an easy task to get our page verified. Ok, now read the below methods and gain some knowledge about what to do to get verified. 

What things you should have to verify your facebook page?

From the below list, you can submit any one of the proofs

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Drivers License
  • Articles of Incorporation (if you represent a media, entertainment or sports company)

What things you should do before you apply for  verification?

1)Make sure that you complete the 'About section' of your Page.

2)If you have a official website, then link your fb page from that site. Which means, simply insert your page like box on your site.

How to verify your facebook page.

Here, we need to submit the proof by filling out a form. I'm giving you two forms links. You can use any one of the forms. 

Form 1 - Click here


Form 2 - 
Click here. 

So go to any one of it and follow as per the steps written there. Of course, I'm explaining all the steps here, so look at below part,

How To Get my Facebook Page Verified with Blue Badge!!

Step1: Select your required page from the 'Select Page' dropdown box.

Step2: Attach your proofs by clicking 'Choose Files'.

Step3: If you have an official website of your's, then submit the link.

Step4: Finally, click 'Send'.

So when you have successfully done the process, you will receive a mail from facebook within a short time. And later, again you will get a mail about your verification status. So this is the official way to verify your fb page.

I've seen some other ways like contacting some brokers who will charge money for getting your page verified. Or you can go yourself to your nearby facebook offices. Of course, if you contact any brokers, they will too ask you your proofs in-order to submit them to facebook staff of whom they know. Or if you directly go to facebook office, you should too submit any of the proofs representing that you're eligible for blue badge. So whatever method it may be, you should submit proofs. 

False information which you should not get misguided:

1)Some people say on their blog that, in order to get our page verified, we should have more than 20,000 likes. But that was a false info, I've seen verified pages of having 3,000 likes, having 1,000 likes too. So it's not about having more no of likes on your page. It's all about whether you're authentic or not.  

2)Also some blogs say that the other way is by linking your fb page to your official website. Well, this is the way to show ourselves that we're authentic(real). But this doesn't mean that you will get your page verified for sure. 

For more information regarding this topic, you can check the official fb help center page by clicking here.

You know, there will be some kind of people who share false information to just get their posts massive. So be careful with them. These are the only methods to get a facebook page verified as I've did a lot of research regarding this topic. So if you have any doubts or suggestions, you can leave your comments below.

Export Notes, from the name itself, it signifies that it is somehow associated with Lotus Notes (now IBM Notes) desktop mail program. To be clear enough and break the suspense it is hereby informed that Export Notes is a software application that has been technologically designed to export the complete Notes database to MS Outlook. It is a high- tech utility which convertslotus notes to Outlook format so as to make the stored contents such as Mails, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Journals, and Tasks available in Outlook. The utility has been subsequently upgraded to version 9.4 since its launch. It even has the capability to migrate NSF file into a live Exchange server with its Technician and Enterprise license.

Export Notes Software

Inclusive Specification

What is better and enhanced with Export Notes release 9.4?
·         Edition 9.4 is the latest and much advanced version as compared to older ones.

Category of Exporter
·         Category - Communication
·         Subcategory - Email Utility

Must Have Requirements
Operating System -   Windows OS, regardless of version be it Windows 8, 7 or any below edition.

Additional Requirements
  • 20MB of free hard disk drive (HDD) space on the migration system. 
  • Outlook must be installed and configured to export in Outlook PST.
  • Lotus Notes installation and configuration is also a must.
  • Connection of Notes with Domino server is not allowed at all.
  • The minimum size of RAM should be 512Mega Bytes (For better performance 1GB RAM size is suggested).
  • Frequency of processor should be no less than 1 GHz (2.4GHz frequency processor is considered optimum).
Download Information
File Size – 17.1 Mega Bytes are the size of the Export Notes .exe file.
File Name – export-notes.exe

Costing Based on License Key Types
License Model - The demo version is made available free of cost for trial purpose.

Limitations of Demo
  • Has the capability to export and save only 16 items per folder, including email folders and others such as emails, contacts, calendar, tasks and journal.
  • Supports NSF file of maximum 500MB size.

  • Corporate key – 149USD
  • Technician license – 500USD
  • Enterprise key – 1500$ 

Compatibility with New Technology Developments
  •   Windows 8 and its improved release 8.1 are supported.
  •  MS Outlook 2013 is rendered support for.

Safety & Security
  • The software application is well protected by McAfee SECURE and Norton. Therefore, the utility is extremely safe to install on any Windows machine without causing any kind of damage.
Chief Functionality

Export Notes, version 9.4; although the latest release in existence, it has been in the online market for quite some time. Since its launch it has dominated the market for its unmatched ability to export mailboxes of Notes into Outlook and also live Exchange server by the conversion of NSF file into PST format. This is the key characteristic of the Export Notes file conversion software application.

However, it should be noted that it is only when the Technician and Enterprise licenses are used that the tool can export directly in live Exchange environment.  Moreover, IBM Notes email client must not be in connection to the Domino server. For easy and successful achievement of the main task, the tool is built in with many enhanced features. 

Features Highlighted
  • Exports not only emails but also calendar items, tasks, notes, journals as well as contacts stored in a separate names.nsf file. This means that the entire database can be converted.
  • Emails generally contain attached files such as images, text documents like Word files, PDF documents, etc. If these attachments are not transferred emails can become useless. But the conversion tool is well devised so as to export them too.
  • Preserves the originality of folders by maintaining the structure of the output PST file same as the input Lotus Notes NSF data file. Also, the Meta data info of emails such as To, From, Sent date, Cc, BCC, etc. are maintained.
  • The tool creates a new PST file when data items attains the size of 20 GB. This is an extremely advantageous feature as large sized PST i.e. Personal Folders of size more than the maximum storage limit usually gets damaged or makes functioning of Outlook slow.

Characteristics That Make the Tool Exceptional & Marvelous
  • Preserves Internet Header Info Internet Header of emails contains detailed information such as Return-Path, Received from (Name and IP address), Received Date and Time, To, Cc, Bcc, Message id, Content type, complete routing information, etc. These technical details of mails that usually help in cyber crime investigation are maintained after conversion.
  • Erases Message Encryption – Notes provides extreme security as compared to other mail programs to protect database information from unauthorized access. But sometimes it becomes essential to remove such security. But problem arises when password is forgotten or administrators are not available. In such cases the tool proves very useful by decrypting the emails.
  • Maintains HTML Formatting – The exporter maintains the HTML formatting like hyperlinks, signatures, and font details like italics and bold, etc. of emails unharmed together with inline images. This is no doubt an advanced feature that the tool possesses.
  • Converts Data from All Documents – Just by checking a check box, the entire data items of All Documents folder of Lotus Notes mail program can be exported from NSF file into an Outlook PST file format. This makes the utility easy-to-use complete in all aspects. Users also have the provision to select the type of .pst fie amongst UNICODE and ANSI.

  Remark - The above mentioned in-built properties are more than enough to make Export Notes user’s first choice to migrate Notes mailbox data items in Outlook as well as live Exchange environment.
Finishing Lines
With such minimum system requirements and unmatched properties the Export Notes release 9.4 can certainly be rated 9.7 on a scale of 10. Moreover, it exports data items without fail or data loss from NSF to PST file format.  
As recently Google has launched the new Inbox app, many people were looking to get that. But at present, we can get that inbox app only by an invite pattern as per google said. We can self-apply our invitation request to inbox@google.com or we can get invitation by a friend. So a person will get his Inbox by an invite and also that person will get 'invite option' in his inbox account after 3 days of account creation. Only 3 invites will be given to each inbox account. So we can invite only 3 persons from our account. But the problem here is, it's too hard to get invites for all people in a short time. 

I've seen many people who were waiting for invites since from 10 days, but till now they didn't get any invite. So I'm sharing a great trick here to get google inbox in few mins without any invite. Here we need a mobile to perform this task. Also we need an inbox account of anyone which was created earlier. So by an existing inbox account, we will get new inbox account for any email id which you want. So try to find a friend who has inbox account. So if you find a trusted person, give him/her your gmail id & password and ask them to do the below process. Or else, u can do this trick by yourself by borrowing his/her mobile for some time and add your google account in their android phone and do the below process. 

 Note: This trick doesn’t work if your friend got Inbox without an invite. So try to find an inbox account which was created by an invite.

So let us have a look at the below steps, 

Step 1:

Open Inbox app in the android phone. 

Step 2:

Now at top left, click the menu button and go to the option 'Add account'. Click that and enter the email id, password for which you want Inbox.

How to get Google Inbox in 1 min without any Invite.

Step 3:

Now when you sign up, it will ask you to sync some google apps data related to that email id. So just for safety to not get our data synced in the mobile, untick all the boxes.

Step 4:

So when you have successfully signed in, your accounts will be shown in the menu like in the below picture. So click the email id of which you have entered in above steps. 

How to get Google Inbox in 1 min without any Invite.

Step 5:

So when you select the email id, then automatically a message will be displayed, 'Switching Accounts'. Now this may take a few secs to load completely and automatically, inbox will be created for that particular id.

How to get Google Inbox in 1 min without any Invite.

Step 6:

So if you perform all the above steps correctly, then after step 5, you'll get a message 'Welcome to Inbox by Gmail'. That's it. Now you have successfully created inbox account for your email id. 

So after 3 days, you'll get an option 'Invite others' in your inbox account. Now remove your google account in your's friend smart phone if you have borowed it to perform this task. As you have activated inbox account for your email address, now in your mobile, install the inbox app from playstore and enjoy. 

So I hope you will like this post. Please share our site with your friends. If you have any quieres related to how to get google inbox without any invite, you can leave the comments below. I'll reply to all the comments here. 

Magento is a well-known platform for eCommerce, which has definitely deserved its own place on the online stores Olympus. Despite all its evident advantages, there is still a lot of room for growth. So if you want to bring your Magento store to a new level, you wouldn’t do without a bunch of Magento extensions offered by independent Magento developers. We have picked up top 5 modules from a well-known and respected producer Amasty and are ready to share this information with you.

              5 Magento Extensions That Will Change Your Marketing Forever!!

All these extensions for Magento are designed to increase the conversion rate of your Magento store and build stable audience of returning customers. Check these little helpers right now!

1)Product Labels
Product labels is one of the most-loved extensions produced by Amasty. It helps one to make products noticeable just in a few clicks and to guide customers through all the store making them pay attention at the products you chose for them. The trick is pretty easy: Product Labels extension helps to create colorful badges saying ‘new’, ‘sale’ or whatever you want. This works irreproachably and is as easy as ABC.
2)Customers also viewed
The ultimate goal of any marketing manager is to make customers to spend as many time at their online store as possible. As one can guess from the name, Customers also viewed extension analyzes what other pages have been visited by customers together with page N and shows the results in a cleanly laid out section. Such approach is one of the most classic ways to increase conversion. All eCommerce giants like eBay or Amazon are already using it, so why should you opt out?

3)Facebook reviews
According to statistics 92% of online store visitors trust the reviews made through the social networks. With installing Facebook reviews by Amasty you will create a great platform for social share and opinions exchange as well as add some credibility to all the positive 5-star reviews left at the website. And what is the best thing – this extension is absolutely FREE, so you can plunge into the world of social reviews without spending a penny.

4)Out of stock notification
Don’t let your low stock lead to customers and profit loss. With this great Magento extension from Amasty you will be able to notify your customers when the item is back in stock, which can’t but lead to more sales. Besides, this extension is a great way to learn the demand for the product and adjust your marketing strategy in accordance with this.

5)Color Swatches Pro
With Color Swatches Pro you will be able to use images for attributes selection and offer a handy zoom and lightbox for customers to see all the details of the product photo. You will fall in love with Color Swatches Pro, when you will see what great features it offers and how it improves the usability of your website. This extension lets you show the product in its entire glow and use images instead of plain text. Trust us, your customers will enjoy it as much as we do!
It is so hard for us to survive when any one of our friends or family or loved ones passes away. We can never forget them in our life and their memories will continue till our last breath. Recently I've lost my friend in an accident. So I know that pain. I daily use to visit his profile to collect memories, to see his pictures. But one thing I've noticed is, his profile was appearing in Suggestions for People You May Know, Birthday reminders, Apps, Sponsored stories etc in facebook. So I've personally investigated to what to do for his profile to not to appear in those type of suggestions, reminders, apps etc. So with that personal experience, I'm writing this post, How to Memorialize or Remove a Deceased Person's Profile on Facebook.

First of all, you should notice the difference between Memorializing a deceased person's account and Removing a deceased person's account. When you memorialize something, you honor it or do something so that it will be remembered. So in the same way, facebook memorializes the deceased persons accounts to protect their privacy and maintain their legacy. Removing a deceased person's account means permanent removal of that account in facebook where you can never see that profile or data on facebook.

So coming to the topic account memorialization, I'm writing some important points below based on what facebook said about what happens when a deceased person's account is memorialized,

  • Facebook does not allow anyone to log into a memorialized account.
  • Once account is memorialized, we cannot modify it in any way like adding or removing friends, modifying photos or deleting any pre-existing content posted by the person.
  • Friends can share posts on deceased person's wall depending upon the privacy settings of his/her account.
  • Anyone can send private messages to the deceased person's profile.
  • Content the deceased person shared (ex: photos, posts) remains on facebook and is visible to the audience it was shared with.
  • Memorialized Timelines don't appear in public spaces such as in suggestions for People You May Know or Birthday Reminders etc.
  • Groups solely belonging to a memorialized account will be able to select new admins, while Pages will be removed from Facebook.
So now it's your choice whether to memorialize the account or to remove the account in facebook. I'm gonna explain both ways, so choose the appropriate option as per your choice.

How to Memorialize a Deceased Person's Profile on Facebook.

Click here and fill that form as per I shown in the below image, 

How to Memorialize a Deceased Person's Profile on Facebook.

You should fill-up all the options in that form. When you finish, finally click 'Send' button.
  • You should submit proof of death like link of an obituary news which we publish in news paper. For example, click here to get an idea about obituary news.
  • You should submit email id which is connected to that particular facebook account.  Tip: If you don't know the email id, try to submit his fb email id. example- username@facebook.com. But i'm not sure whether this tip works or not. Just try it if you don't know the email id.
If you don't have proof of death like link of an obituary news to memorialize an account, you can submit death certificate, the deceased person's birth certificate, or proof of authority by clicking here. In this form, you have to select the option 'Please memorialize this account'  under the question 'How can we help you?'.

So till now, we have seen about memorializing deceased person's account. So now we will see about removing deceased person's account,

How to Remove a Deceased Person's Profile in Facebook.

Click here and fill that form as per I shown in the below image, 

How to Remove a Deceased Person's Profile in Facebook.
Select the option 'Please remove this account'  under the question 'How can we help you?'. You should fill-up all the options in that form and finally click 'Send'.

So that's it guys. If you have any doubts regarding memorializing or removing  a deceased person's profile on facebook, please leave your questions in the below comment box. 

Subway Surfers, one of the most popular endless running game in the world. Kiloo and SYBO Games are the developers of this game. This game was released in May 2012 and is available on Android, iOS, Windows phones. Not only on mobile, now you can play subway surfers on your computer/laptopAs earlier I've written  how to download temple run/temple run 2 for pc (Win 7/8/Xp, mac), we got a good response for that post. So now I've decided to write how to download subway surfers for pc/laptop (free)

download subway surfers for pc
Subway Surfers

A brief description about Subway surfers Game:

Subway surfers is a running game just not like Temple run, Danger dash etc. It is a bit different because of its atmosphere, target. There will be no caves, jungles, bridges etc like in other games. Subway surfers game is so simple, you have to just find your way on railway track. You have to run on the Subway and a police is chasing you behind with a dog. All You have to do here is running, jumping, sliding, picking up coins etc. The game will never end. Unlimited missions will be present. This is the game which you'll never get bored. 

There are 2 methods to download Subway Surfers for PC,

1) By directly downloading the Subway Surfers.exe file on your pc.

2) By using bluestacks.

Which method is best for you to download Subway Surfers for your pc?

I'll tell you the exact difference between those 2 
methods. If you directly download the subway surfers.exe file, you won't be able to get any updates for that game. If you download the subway surfers through bluestacks software (Android Emulator), you will get regular updates when they are released. 
One more thing I wanna say is, it may take a bit long time to download subway surfers through bluestacks 'coz first you need to download the bluestacks software and then in bluestacks you've to download the subways surfers. But if you are really serious about game updates then go for 2nd method only.

If you download bluestacks software (Android Emulator), you'll be able to use whatsapp, you can play temple run game too on your pc. You can use any android app on your pc/laptop by using bluestacks. So if you download bluestacks software, you can check my earlier posts, How to Use WhatsApp on Computer\Laptop - Windows 7/8, Mac and Download Temple Run 2 for Pc/Laptop(Free)-Windows 7/8/Xp, Mac.

So now it's your choice to choose a method which is best for you. I'm writing how to download subway surfers on pc through both methods.

Method 1: Directly downloading the Subway Surfers.exe file 

1) Download the Subway Surfers.exe file on your pc by clicking here.

2) After the download finishes, double click on it to install.

3)The installation is same as how we do for other softwares in our pc/laptop.

4) So after it is installed, you can play by double clicking the shortcut icon on the desktop.

download subway surfers for computer/laptop free

5)This method is so simple, time saving process.

Method 2: Downloading Subway Surfers through Bluestacks. 

1) Download the latest bluestacks software by clicking here
If you don't have graphic card on your pc, then download bluestacks by clicking here.

 2) After the download of bluestacks completes, install it on your Pc/Laptop. Installation may take some time like more than 5 minutes. 

3) After installation of bluestacks completes, launch the software. Google play store may ask ur gmail id meanwhile. If so, log in into play store by your gmail id. Now in the bluestacks search bar, type 'Subway Surfers' and search it.

4)You will find the game in google play store, and click 'Install'.

download subway surfers for pc/laptop free-bluestacks
5)That's it!! You have successfully installed subway surfers games in your pc/laptop.

How to play the game in Pc/laptop?
In both methods, we'll play subway surfers by using left-click mouse button. Entire game is played by left-click mouse button only. To jump, to swipe down, to more left or right etc we should use left-click button.

I hope you'll like tutorial. So if you have questions in downloading subway surfers for your pc, you can ask it in the below comments.