Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Subway Surfers, one of the most popular endless running game in the world. Kiloo and SYBO Games are the developers of this game. This game was released in May 2012 and is available on Android, iOS, Windows phones. Not only on mobile, now you can play subway surfers on your computer/laptopAs earlier I've written  how to download temple run/temple run 2 for pc (Win 7/8/Xp, mac), we got a good response for that post. So now I've decided to write how to download subway surfers for pc/laptop (free)

download subway surfers for pc
Subway Surfers

A brief description about Subway surfers Game:

Subway surfers is a running game just not like Temple run, Danger dash etc. It is a bit different because of its atmosphere, target. There will be no caves, jungles, bridges etc like in other games. Subway surfers game is so simple, you have to just find your way on railway track. You have to run on the Subway and a police is chasing you behind with a dog. All You have to do here is running, jumping, sliding, picking up coins etc. The game will never end. Unlimited missions will be present. This is the game which you'll never get bored. 

There are 2 methods to download Subway Surfers for PC,

1) By directly downloading the Subway Surfers.exe file on your pc.

2) By using bluestacks.

Which method is best for you to download Subway Surfers for your pc?

I'll tell you the exact difference between those 2 
methods. If you directly download the subway surfers.exe file, you won't be able to get any updates for that game. If you download the subway surfers through bluestacks software (Android Emulator), you will get regular updates when they are released. One more thing I wanna say is, it may time a bit long time to download subway surfers through bluestacks 'coz first you need to download the bluestacks software and then in bluestacks you've to download the subways surfers. But if you are really serious about game updates then go for 2nd method only.

If you download bluestacks software (Android Emulator), you'll be able to use whatsapp, you can play temple run game too on your pc. You can use any android app on your pc/laptop by using bluestacks. So if you download bluestacks software, you can check my earlier posts, How to Use WhatsApp on Computer\Laptop - Windows 7/8, Mac and Download Temple Run 2 for Pc/Laptop(Free)-Windows 7/8/Xp, Mac.

So now it's your choice to choose a method which is best for you. I'm writing how to download subway surfers on pc through both methods.

Method 1: Directly downloading the Subway Surfers.exe file 

1) Download the Subway Surfers.exe file on your pc by clicking here.

2) After the download finishes, double click on it to install.

3)The installation is same as how we do for other softwares in our pc/laptop.

4) So after it is installed, you can play by double clicking the shortcut icon on the desktop.

download subway surfers for computer/laptop free

5)This method is so simple, time saving process.

Method 2: Downloading Subway Surfers through Bluestacks. 

1) Download the latest bluestacks software by clicking here
If you don't have graphic card on your pc, then download bluestacks by clicking here.

 2) After the download of bluestacks completes, install it on your Pc/Laptop. Installation may take some time like more than 5 minutes. 

3) After installation of bluestacks completes, launch the software. Google play store may ask ur gmail id meanwhile. If so, log in into play store by your gmail id. Now in the bluestacks search bar, type 'Subway Surfers' and search it.

4)You will find the game in google play store, and click 'Install'.

download subway surfers for pc/laptop free-bluestacks
5)That's it!! You have successfully installed subway surfers games in your pc/laptop.

How to play the game in Pc/laptop?
In both methods, we'll play subway surfers by using left-click mouse button. Entire game is played by left-click mouse button only. To jump, to swipe down, to more left or right etc we should use left-click button.

I hope you'll like tutorial. So if you have questions in downloading subway surfers for your pc, you can ask it in the below comments.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hello friends, Tricks99 is back with a great post of how to download temple run/temple run 2 for pc (Win 7/8/Xp, mac). In this post, you can download either temple run, older version or temple run 2, newer version to play in your pc/laptop. Both are free versions only.

Temple run is an endless running video game created by Imangi Studios in 2011. This game was first released in iOS then later released in android, windows mobile. The speciality of this game is the game will never end. You have to run to survive and you will be chased by "demonic monkeys" who want to eat you. It has created a great record that by this june 2014,  temple run and its sequel have been downloaded over 1 billion times.

In this game, you need to collect coins. There are three types of coin: gold, red, and blue. A golden coin has a value of one credit, red is two credits and blue is three. The coins/credits can be used to buy and then upgrade power-ups and other characters.

download temple run for pc
Temple Run 2
Temple run is officially released for smartphones but not for computer/laptop. So here we need a software which will run android apps on our pc windows os(7, 8, xp). There are many softwares in internet which will helps us to run android apps in our pc/laptop but the best one is bluestacks. So in this post we are using bluestacks software for downloading temple run in pc/laptop.  

Many people don't have smart phones to use some apps like whatsapp, hike etc or to play games like temple run etc. To be frank, even I don't have a smart phone, so I use bluestacks to run all those android games, apps in my laptop. This is so easy to install and to use the all android apps. 

Here, I'm providing downloading links for both old, new versions temple run/temple run 2. So choose anyone which you like to play. You have to use your left-click mouse button to play the game.

Also, you should note that mostly bluestacks is only supported on pc/laptop having graphic card. If your pc don't have a graphic card, then dont worry, I'm giving an alternative link to download.

Steps to download temple run/temple run 2 for pc:

1) Download Bluestacks software by Clicking here.

If you don't have graphic card on your pc, then download bluestacks by clicking here.

2) After the download of bluestacks completes, install it on your Pc/Laptop. Installation may take some time like 5 minutes.

3) a) If you want to download temple run, older version then download this Temple Run APK file.

    b)  If you want to download temple run 2, newer version then download this Temple Run 2 APK file.

4) After the completion of your respective Apk file download, double click on that so that it will install on your pc.

5) Now your temple run/temple run 2 will be installed on your bluestacks. Just open bluestacks and go to 'My apps' and there you will find temple run.

How to play temple run  in pc-win7-8

6) click on that temple run icon to play the game. Thats it!!

Also have a look at the below part to get a good idea about the idea,

How to play Temple run 2 in your pc: 

In mobile, we use to tap screen, move our smartphone to play the game. But in pc, we will play temple run by using left-click mouse button. Entire game is played by left-click button. To jump, to swipe down, to more left or right etc we should use left-click button.

Tip :

By default, in bluestacks, temple run will run in medium size. So to play in full size like the below image, you have to do a small thing.

Free download temple run 2 for pc/laptop
Temple Run 2
I hope you'll like post. So if you have questions in downloading temple run 2 for your pc, you can ask in the comments. I'll reply to each and every single comment. So feel free to leave your comments.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

As recently we have discussed about how to use 'Custom Permalink' feature in blogger for On-Page SEO, today I`m gonna tell you about how to apply custom permalink for your old posts and how to redirect that old url to newly created custom permalink.

How to redirect old url to newly created custom url in blogger.

Just coming to the topic, I`m showing you an example about the whole procces by taking my one of the old posts, how to enable/recover a disabled facebook account.

Earlier I wrote that post and my automatic generated url for that post was - 
I was not satisfied with that automatic permalink. So I`m applying custom permalink for that post.

So let's step into how to apply custom permalink for old posts, 

  • Open the post for which you want to make a new url.
  • After opening the post, click 'Revert to draft' button on the right top.                                                                                                
  • Then click on 'Links' under the 'Post settings' menu and select 'Custom Permalink' and write your keywords. Leave the 'Title Link' and 'Enclosure Link' as blank and finally click 'Done
 So my new url which I created for that post is -  
  This step is similar to the process which I have explained in my earlier post.              
  • Now after completing all the above 3 steps, finally click 'Publish' on the top right.

Now redirecting the old url to newly created custom url,

Why you should redirect your old url to new url?

  • Our old urls were already indexed in search results. As google takes some time to re-index our new url, by default, google will show our old url in search results. So if anyone clicks on that old url, our page will be redirected to a 404 error page. 
  • We may have already shared that old url in many facebook pages, groups, messages etc. So if people click those old links, they will be redirected to a 404 error page.
For example, I have shared my old url in one fb group earlier. 
So when anyone clicks on that link, it will display a 404 error page. So I will loose traffic for that post.
 So that's why we have to redirect our old url to new url to avoid 404 error, to maintain traffic.

How to redirect old url to new url:

  • Now click on 'Settings' and 'Search preferences'.
  • Under 'Errors and redirections', click 'Edit' butoon on 'Custom redirects'.

  • Now click on 'New Redirect' and you will see 2 options 'From:' and 'To:'. 
So in that 'From' option, you have to place your old url. In 'To' option, you have to place new url.

The format in which you should place your both old and new url's is /2013/05/how-to-enable-recover-disabled-facebook.html as already it will show when you place mouse in both 'From:' and 'To:' options.

So when you filled both 'From:' and 'To:' url's, click 'Permanent', 'Save' and 'Save changes' button.

That's it. So it should be like this below image,

Now you have successfully redirected old url to new url. So when any one clicks your old url, it will automatically get redirected to new url which helps you to save traffic without displaying a 404 error page.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

If you're a new bie in blogging field, you should definetly know about the on-page seo and off-page seo. Without knowing anything about SEO, you should not expect any good results from search engines like google, bing etc. Before you make posts on your blogger, just spend a few mins for thinking about what are the things you are going to use for on-page seo for that partcular post.
You should always remember that if the user query words in search engine matches with the words present in our post url, then there is chance for our post to appear in search results page.  

Recently I wrote a post about 5 On-Page SEO basics that Every Beginner must follow for His Blog's Success. In that, I have discussed about each and every term which will help you for on-page seo. In URL category, I have said that Custom Permalink feature helps us a lot in making on-page seo. So in this post, I`m discussing indetail about what is custom permalink and how this custom permalink works and how to redirect the new custom permalinks to old urls. 

What is Custom Permalink?

Custom permalink is a feature by which we can insert our own keywords in the url field. 

In general, url will be constructed  automatically by considering the first half part of the title. The words which are present in the first half part of the title will be taken as words in the url. In this case, only some keywords will be taken into url, so what about the other missing important keywords? 

For example, the title of my recent post is "5 On-Page SEO basics that Every Beginner must follow for His Blog's Success.", so my automatic generated url will be like this, 
automatic Permalink' feature in blogger for On-Page SEO.

"'', which dosen't  look good for me because my main keywords are not present in that url. 

So in that case, we have to use custom permalink featrure which means that we can insert our own keywords in the url. Now I'm using custom permalink for that post as I'm not satisfied with the automatic permalink. I will write my custom permalink in such a way that my main keywords will be present which will help me for on-page seo.

The custom permalink which I did for that post is,

How to use 'Custom Permalink' feature in blogger for On-Page SEO.

"'', my complete keywords are present in this custom permalink. 

So now how to do these custom permalinks when you're writing posts in your blogger?

  • At the right side, under the menu 'Post Settings' click the option 'Links'                                                                                           

How to use 'Custom Permalink' feature in blogger for On-Page SEO.

  • Now select 'Custom Permalink' and write your keywords as I shown in the below picture. Leave the 'Title Link' and 'Enclosure Link' as blank and finally click 'Done'.                                 Use " - " in middle of the words instead of leaving spaces.
How to use 'Custom Permalink' feature in blogger for On-Page SEO.
  • Thats it. You have succesfully created your own url by using the custom permalink feature.
So if you are not satisfied with the automatic permalink, you can use custom permalinks which helps your post to get indexed in search results. 

You can also use this custom permalink feature for your old posts. If you want to improve your site seo perfomance, then try this custom permalinks for your old posts too, as this may helps your old posts to get reindexed in top positions on search engine. I will make my next post about how to apply custom permalink for old posts and how to redirect that newly created custom permalink to the old url which was created earlier. 

So I hope this custom permalink feature will helps you for on-page seo. If you have any questions, you can leave it in the below comments.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

             Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization(Seo) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's search results.

SEO is of two types, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. On-Page SEO means the things which we do within in the page/website. Off-page SEO means optimizing the web pages outside the website by building links back to it (Backlinks). These back links will act as a vote to the content of our blog. The more backlinks you have is the more better you can rank your site well in search results.

But being a beginner, you should focus on on-page seo first to make your content visible to whole world by search engines. When I was a beginner, I dont know anything about blog basics, seo, how search engine works etc. I use to read many blogs and use to apply all those learned things on my blog, thus how I have gained some knowledge in this field. I will tell you all the useful points based on my experience in this post.

The things which we do on on-page seo will helps our posts to get indexed in search results. For example, some person is searching about ''how to design my facebook profile wall in a attractive way'' on google, 

title-On page SEO-google-1st-page-search results

You can see that our site was standing in 1st place of google search page for that search query.

So how I got into the 1st postion of 1st page of Google search?

Just by doing On-Page SEO only. I'm sharing all my tips with you, explaining each and every term and its uses in the below part. So if you follow all these basics, I'm sure that you will run your blog in a succesful way.


Title plays an important role in SEO. 
Google search engine will display search results based on the user query words. so if the query words matches the title in our blog posts, then our post will appear in search results. 

title-On page SEO-google-1st-page-search results 

Things to follow in Title:
  • Make a title that describes your entire post. Also, make sure that your main keywords are present in the post title.
  •  A visitor who comes to our site will deicdes to read a post or not just by reading the title of the post. So if you dont create attractive titles, you may loose readers to your posts.
  • Create unique titles for each post. 
Your title can be lengthy or short. But if it is lengthy, google will display only a half part of that. So try to make a short title as far as possible.

Things to avoid in Title:
  • Dont stuff too many keywords or unneeded keyowrds in your title.
2)Meta Descriptions:

Making use of meta description tags also helps in seo because Google might use them as snippets for our pages.

In meta description, write a brief a brief summary of what the post is about. It can be a few words or few sentences. But there'z  no guarantee that google always uses meta descriptions as snippets in search results. Mostly google uses relevant section of our page's visible text as snippets. If it can't find any visible text, then it will use meta description in snippets. So if you are really serious about on-page seo, then make the use of meta description too.


Many people don't know that URL also plays an important role in on-page seo. If the user query words matches with the words present in our post url, then there is chance for our post to appear in google search results page.

In blogger platform, whenever we write a post, the URL will be generated automatically by the title which we kept. Only the first half part of the title will be taken into url. So we may miss any important keywords in that automatically generated url.

So thats why we have to make use of Custom Permalink feature when you write posts, as url also helps your post to get indexed in search results.

Also see - How to use 'Custom Permalink' feature in blogger for On-Page SEO.

4) Image Optimization:

You should also optimize the images which you upload in the post. Here are few things to optimize images for seo to increase blog traffic. 

  • Using keywords in image name. For example, you have downloaded an image from web, the default name will be given as Image1.jpg. So if you want to upload that image into your blog post, then instead of uploading it directly, change the default name to the keyword name of your post and then upload it. If I upload any picture in this para, then my image name will be image-optimization-seo.jpg.
  • Using Title Tag and Alt Tag. Title tag and Alt tag works as description for your images. So whenever you upload any images into a post, fill these title tags and alt tags with keywords of that particular post.                                               
For example, I'm writing a post about how to secure facebook account, I have uploaded a picture regarding Login notifications, so see how I'm using the title tag and alt tag for that picture, 
Image Optimization-Title Tag and Alt Tag-On page SEO

  • Using watermarks on your images, so that people wont copy your images. Just like I'm using on my images in my blog posts.

Here comes the major part. Content really matters a lot for your blog's success. Google loves unique, fresh content. So always try to write 100% unique content on your own which will help you to get indexed in top results of the search pages. Page rank of your site will also get increased if your site has unique, quality articles. 

Mostly google crawls first and second paras only. So make sure that the post keywords are present in those first 2 paras. Also, dont stuff too many keywords 'coz it is against the rule. Your posts can be considered as spam if you have too many keywords. So always try to be genuine. Try to write posts containing 500+ words for better seo results.

Also you must notice that, google adsense will be approved for the sites only who have quality and unique contents. Never try to copy, scrap any articles from other sites. Google will never approve adsense for the sites having duplicate contents. 

Also, never copy images from other sites. If you want to copy any image from other sites, then mention the image credits. Make sure that you don't commit gramitical mistakes while writing a post.

Some other important tips for your blog's success:

  • If you are a beginner, make a XML sitemap for your site and submit that sitemap to google by webmaster tools. This sitemap helps google search engine to discover the pages on your site. So according to my opinion, you should definetely submit a sitemap for search engine to crawl pages on your site. 
  • Never do any black hat seo techniques because google is so strict against such activites. Your site may get banned by following such illegal techniques.
  • Dont stuff too many keywords in the post or don't repeat the keywords too many times 'coz google may consider your page as spam.
So these are the main on-page seo basic that every beginner must follow. Whenever you make a new post, share it on all social networking sites like facebook, google+ etc as these will act as backlinks, drive traffic to your post. If you have any doubts regarding this post, you can leave your comments below. Also, if you have any other seo tips, you can share it in the below comments.